Highlights from My Inspiring Visit to The Vertical in Real Estate and Commercial Workspaces

Highlights from My Inspiring Visit to The Vertical in Real Estate and Commercial Workspaces

Exploring The Vertical's Influence in Real Estate and Commercial Workspaces

I had a very enriching visit to The Vertical, a prominent name in real estate and commercial – workspace projects. I had the pleasure of meeting the visionary leader of The Vertical, Muteeb Siddiqi (CEO).

Muteeb’s father Mazhar Hussain Siddiqui sb and uncle Javed Iqbal Siddiqui sb are the founders of Stylo Pvt Ltd, Pakistan’s leading female fashion footwear brand.

Engaging with Mr. Mazhar and Mr. Javed was truly inspirational as always; an interaction full of insights from their extensive entrepreneurial journeys. Stylo’s evolution to a market leader reflects their unwavering dedication. Their story is a testament to strong leadership and robust entrepreneurial skills that have shaped a formidable business empire. Muteeb’s elder brother Huzaifa Siddiqi also joined our meeting. Huzaifa’s success with Insignia, a relatively new, yet very successful female fashion brand, further underscores the family’s entrepreneurial prowess.

The meeting offered a platform to discuss Pakistan’s business landscape and the potential of its youth in fortifying the business ecosystem. I have been working with the Stylo group since 2007 – for the last few years on my company’s platform, Brand Spectrum. I value the diverse business opportunities, learnings, and robust relationships forged with the group.

Glad to have reiterated our mutual commitment to deepen our professional ties and enhance collaboration for impactful and sustainable business success across various spheres. Grateful for the continued partnership and excited about the prospects ahead.

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