Iftar dinner hosted by Syma Arshad and Omar Farooq

Iftar dinner hosted by Syma Arshad and Omar Farooq


Attended an amazing Iftar dinner hosted by the brilliant couple, Syma Arshad and Omar Farooq. Syma is the force behind SheMatters, an initiative that champions the cause of women’s inclusivity and the empowerment of tech-savvy women, while Omar is the CEO of Hanker

The event was attended by senior corporate leaders from a diverse range of fields. Embodying Ramadan’s spirit of bringing people together, it was great to connect with business professionals over a meal and be a part of very inspiring and fruitful discussions with people who are passionate to bring change through their personal and professional efforts.

Kudos to Syma and Omar for the amazing work that they are both doing!

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