Talent for Tomorrow

Talent for Tomorrow


Last week, I was invited by BAT – Global Business Solutions to participate in a roundtable discussion with industry and academia leaders. The topic of this discussion was “Talent for tomorrow” in which we discussed the rapidly evolving dynamics of Human Capital needs and how industry and academia need to come together in multiple ways to adapt to these changing times.

The round table discussion was attended by CEO BAT GBS Zubair Khan, HR Director BAT GBS Maham Khan, Group Head of HR and Inclusion Corporate Functions BAT Razeeah B Belath, Head of HR Digital Business Solutions BAT Mark Roberts, Senior HR Director PepsiCo Sarah Hassan, Head of Human Resources Fatima Group Adeel Anwar, Head of Legal and External Affairs BAT GBS Neshay Aqueel, MBA Program Lead UMT Ramla Sadiq. The discussion was moderated by Lead Consultant and Coach – Seido HR Zainab Khan.

Thanks so much, BAT GBS team for the opportunity to bring us all together and for such meaningful discussion on the subject that needs attention across industry ad academia.

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